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Ciao! Salut! Hola! Bonjour! Aloha! Olá! Hi there! 

Creative Caffeine is a newsletter that helps businesses of all sizes tell their best brand story. It includes: 

  • Authentic Connections blog updates with easy breezy marketing & communications strategies
  • fun & useful give-aways
  • other tasty tidbits & cool what-nots

It just launched in mid-April 2013, so you haven't missed much. You know, SO FAR. Are you in?

Of course, you're welcome to just read everything right here and remain all elusive and anonymous. I get it:  you're a wo/man of mystery! Your secret's safe with me.


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Shag Marry Kill: 75 Wicked Word Hacks for Brilliant Writing  ::  5/2/13

How to capture -- and keep! -- your readers, who literally have an attention span shorter than a goldfish.

FREE DOWNLOAD:  75 fun and insanely useful word hacks to make your writing pop!


Mountain Don't: Mountain Dew got both more and less than it bargained for when it chose rapper Tyler, the Creator to produce its newest TV ad.

Work Smart:  Kim Perfetto, former NYC bike messenger, shares her tips for staying calm amid the chaos. 

Read the 5/2/13 issue.


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The Secret to Easy Breezy SEO (plus a cool marketing idea) :: 4/23/13

I get a lot of questions about SEO. A lot. And it's always in a tone where I can tell that people are dreading the answer. 

I get it! 

A client recently told me that the whole thing makes her head feel like it's going to explode. But if Google can't find you then you don't exist.

So I wrote "The Secret to Easy Breezy SEO" to sidestep the whole exploding-head scenario.  

Read the 4/23/13 issue

How to Keep It Real (in business & in life) :: 4/13/13

Remember how your parents and teachers always said, "Just be yourself and you'll be fine"? You probably wished that were true, while shaking your head at getting such bad advice from people who really ought to know better!

And now we've entered the age of transparency in business. How to reconcile being yourself with the constant pressure to adjust who you are in order to get the client, sell the product, get the raise — or even just to get the really good babysitter to choose your angelic kids on a Saturday night?  

Read the 4/13/13 issue