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“Whether she is working in a corporate environment or in the blogosphere, Deborah has the rare ability to cut through the clutter, nail down the most interesting takeaway and communicate it like nobody's business. She makes those around her feel appreciated (and heard) and those above her understand everything in an uber-efficient manner. Plus, she has a killer sense of humor and is so much fun to be around.”  

                   — Barbara Gibson, former Account Executive, Charles Schwab & Co.


“Deborah is one of the most astonishing creatives I have ever worked with. The main reason I choose to utilize Deborah for our large projects is that she does more than we ask of her, every single time. She thinks through the entire goal of a project, and offers her insight into we how we can improve the project as a whole, and then executes the project flawlessly.”  

— Chris Denny, President of Creative Strategy, The Engine is Red 


“Deborah is an incredibly talented communications professional and she's fun to work with as well. She's a fantastic writer and an extremely talented PR professional who knows how to get things done.”  

— Edie Burge, Manager of Corporate & Brand Affairs, Nestlé USA


“Deborah recently worked with us on developing and expressing a new brand positioning for a venture capital client. She then carried the work over into the redesign of the client's web site by developing a brand-appropriate content strategy and writing new copy for the entire site. Deborah quickly grasps new concepts and is able to translate them into audience-appropriate copy in very little time. She's great with clients and with our internal teams.

— Heather O’Donnell, Strategy Director, Sequence

“Deborah is a wildly creative writer, communicator and marketer. She has the unique ability to transform mundane information into elegant prose that resonates with its target. In addition to her writing and editing talents, Deborah is also a perceptive big picture thinker. She never misses the opportunity to augment and improve a project. She is detail/data-driven and always ensures that the target audience is central to her creative decisions.”  

 — Kirk Copeland, Owner, CODE Marketing Strategy

“Deborah's work as a freelance writer has been exceptional. She quickly and accurately evaluated our organization and communications style. Her ability to mirror our corporate voice is excellent, and her ability to work swiftly and independently was greatly valued. Most important, she delivered final copy that was on-target, requiring very little last-minute editing."

  — S.M., Director of Communications, Telecare Corporation 

“Deborah knows content. She is highly organized, has superb ideas and gets the job done on time and on deadline. She's an asset to any team lucky enough to hire her.”  

 — Jeordan Legon, former Managing Editor of Digital Media, Chevron 



“Deborah is very talented, thoughtful and passionate about her work and the people with whom she works. She is a complete team player with a big picture approach to projects and manages meticulously to the very last detail. I’ve always been impressed by Deborah’s creativity and ability get to the heart of the story/mission/value and shape an experience around that for the market.”  

                                  — Jennifer Cannon, Principal, The Cannon Group 

“Deborah consistently astonishes me with her innate ability to transform complex, confusing, and downright dull content into simple eloquence. She's a collaborator who seeks, appreciates, and graciously accepts constructive comments.” 

— Jessica Chilvers, former Marketing Communications Manager, Education Finance Partners


"Deborah had an amazing ability to put a fresh and engaging perspective on what is, face it, a pretty dull subject. She did a fantastic job of knowing her audience and then delivering her message effectively. I highly recommend Deborah if you are looking for compelling, first-class communications.” 

— Carolyn Clute, former VP Marketing, Education Finance Partners