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Shag Marry Kill: Word Hacks for Brilliant Writing

The average attention span on the internet is 8 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish is around 9 seconds. Yes, your readers have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. And once you get their attention, they will only read 28% of what you write.

8 seconds. 28%. UNLESS . . .

Unless your writing is exceptionally compelling.

Then all bets are off. Your readers will not only read the whole thing, they'll actively seek out MORE of whatever you're offering.

What's the secret?

Adjectives that make your writing pop! Verbs get most of the glory, but it's the adjectives that will take you where you want to go.

Adjectives are the secret ingredient that will make your copy crackle with energy and your readers' brains swoon with delight.

The trick is using precise descriptors that add depth and meaning.

SHAGALICIOUS words add a vivid splash of color to your copy, an instant jolt of fun. Play with them when the mood strikes, but don't get too comfy:

ashen, flabbergasted, stultifying, raspy, magical

MARRIAGEABLE words are tried and true, time-proven performers, deserving of your faith and loyaty. They go everywhere and they'll always make you look good:  

breathtaking, cumbersome, hapless, judicious, ludicrous, whimsical

KILL words are hackneyed, boring and/or downright ridiculous expressions that should never see the light of day. My least favorite word at the moment:  JUICY.

No, it's not juicy. Unless you're literally describing fruit, cut it out. Instead say:  

unforgettable, unmissable, insanely useful, extraordinary

I've compiled an insanely useful list of 75 wicked word hacks for brilliant writing.

(see what I did there?)  Click the button. You're welcome. ;)

 XO Deborah


The Secret to Easy Breezy SEO

If "search engine optimization" makes your head feel like it's going to explode, then you're going to love this post. The easy breezy nugget-sized summary: 1 | "SEO" is just a techie way of saying, Let's make it easy for your ideal clients/partners/readers to find you. 2 | It's all about page content. 3 | The artful aspect of SEO is using your keywords as often as possible, in a natural-sounding way.

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10 Things That I Believe

Write a manifesto. Tell the world what you believe, what makes your heart sing, what your dreams are. It doesn't matter if you're an entrepreneuer, an intrapreneur, a published (or aspiring) author, a coach, a stay-at-home parent or a wage slave working your way towards your dream. Sending your manifesto into the world will help you "manifest" all the people who get you — the folks who want to work with you, play with you, support your dreams, and buy your products/services.

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"Damn Good" Creative Advice from the Original Mad Man, George Lois

George Lois is the real-life ad man who emerged in the '60s to create a storied body of branding and magazine work. Lois conjured the "I want my MTV" slogan, invented the Lean Cuisine concept (and took credit for a few more classic ads like Volkswagen’s "Think Small," though his DDB colleague Julian Koenig disputes that) and, as the well-worn story goes, believed in his concepts so fervently that he once threatened to jump off a third-floor window ledge when executives rejected his matzo cracker campaign.

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How NOT to Handle a Crisis: The Top 4 Lessons from Penn State

Let's face it: it's never good news to discover that your school's moral center is located in the football team's win/loss record. But a criminal investigation needn't have tarnished Penn State as a whole, alienated the student body, or made the school's supporters ashamed of it. In other words, the situation didn't have to turn into a media circus. Here's how to get it right.

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